Saturday, April 16, 2011

...The Conspirator (Shot in Savannah Y'all!).

The Conspirator is a Period Piece set in 1865 about the group of people who conspired (and succeeded) to kill President Abraham Lincoln. Although, John Wilkes Booth is the only name that most of us have heard in reference to his murder; there were more.

Cinematographically, it wasn't too impressive and the shot design was basic, but the story was well worth knowing.

What makes this story successful, is that it is centered around the tumultuous relationship between a mother and her son. In film, there is always what the story is about and then there is what the story is really about and in this case it is Mary Surratt (Robin Wright).

I Found myself distracted by many of the lighting set ups. The DP needed to give the illusion of natural light for every scene, but what should've looked like day light, ended up giving the illusion of a ghostly glow. Everyone just looked spooky.

Hot spots (extremely bright areas) were everywhere and at times, people would get lost in the shadows.

I thought that the film started off a bit slowly, but by the middle I was hooked. My stomach was tight with suspense and I wanted more.

This film could have easily been three hours long. There was so much more that could've (and should've) been explained. But, I'm sure the producer's wanted to make it appealing to as many viewers as possible and a three hour film is just not all that appealing to most.

The good news is: You get to explore an important piece of history a little bit deeper. The bad new is: Only the surface is touched.

I would love to tell you my sentiments about the ending, but that would just ruin it for you and I really want you to go and see this film.

I give it one thumb up.

P.S. Go Redford!!!!!! The King of Sundance.

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