Sunday, April 24, 2011

... Juice 2 (How far will you go to get it?).

The 1992 urban classic "Juice" is one of my favorite films.

This crime-drama explores the lives of four inner city teens: Q (Omar Epps), Bishop (Tupac Shakur), Raheem (Khalil Kain) and Steel (Jermaine Hopkins), through their pursuit for power, respect and ultimately happiness.

The group is shaken when a mutual friend is gunned down. With their confidence weakened and fearing for their own lives, they decide that the only way to survive is to gain the power over and respect (juice) of the neighboring gangsters that committed the murder.

Bishop coerces the other three into robbing a local corner store. This, he assumed, would give them the "juice." The plan was to take the money, with no harm done, but when Bishop shoots and kills the clerk, he puts them all in a situation that they hadn't planned.

They spend the next few months hiding Bishop's crime and putting themselves in further jeopardy as accomplices.

In the end, only some survive and it is Q who ends up with the "juice."

As a "Juice" fan, I am upset that there is going to be a remake (as any true fan would be) because this screenplay was solid. The real story is about friendship, sacrifice and loss - quite sentimental, actually.

My point is: it should NOT be touched. Many remakes are not successful because they fail to encompass the essence of the film. That thing that people related to, that person that made you believe in what they were fighting for or against.

As a Tupac fan, I am upset that D-list rapper Soulja Boy is going to play his character Bishop in the new film.

Tupac brought everything to this character. Real talent, considering he went to a performing arts high school and at least had several plays under his belt. Passion, he loved art in general as an actor, writer (poetry, as well as, rap) and musician. And life, since he was a product of the inner city streets himself.

Soulja Boy brings a couple of ringtones and a face tattoo.

This is a complete diss to the original film and it will probably go straight to DVD.

Disappointed? Yes I am.

Clip of the real "Juice" below:

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