Friday, April 8, 2011

...Limitless (Your brain in HD).

What would you do if you found a drug that allowed you to use one hundred percent of your brain's capabilities?

Well, the action-thriller Limitless explores this idea of real superhuman powers.

It has been THE most interesting movie that I've seen so far this year.

More and more films are relying less and less on cinematography; replacing the art of shot design with graphics, but Limitless was a delightful blend of the two.

Dutch angles, extreme tilts and my favorite the "Virtigo" (for my Hitchcock fans) were all use in lieu of graphical enhancements. Not to say that graphics weren't used, but they were only where they needed to be, as way to create what the camera could not.

I wasn't particularly fond of the lighting set up. The desaturated color and barely noticable fall off (referring to the way that the light "falls" off or onto the subject in focus)  caused me to feel drab and even sleepy at some points. I'm sure this was their [Director and Director of Photograpy] way of helping me step into the emotions of the protagonist, but it just left me unexcited instead.

There was a color pick-me-up toward the end, as well as an unexpected turn of events.

Two Thumbs up!

It wasn't my favorite film, but it is still worth the Blue Ray.

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