Sunday, May 22, 2011

...Decktechs (There's nothing like a dead end job in space).

Dechtechs is a science fiction television series directed by David Kendall, a Film and Television student at the Savannah College of Art and Design

Along with technical director Stephen Withers who is also a SCAD graduate student, executive producer Carrie Lee Bland-Kendall (wife of David Kendall) and a  host of other students from SCAD, Armstrong Atlantic State University and Savannah State University, they have managed to independently fund and produce this amazing dramatic scifi-comedy.

Tagline: "There's nothing like a dead end job in space," references principle character Don, a blue collar worker on a space ship who is looking to advance his career. However, his zeal seems to exceed his talent.

Savannah's own Meddin Studios facilitated the production with an office space, dining area, music suite and green room/screen, with scad providing most of the gripping equipment. The entire pilot was shot on 5 and 7D cameras.

"This is the first time we've seen a [student] production of this magnitude shot here." [Meddin employee]

Traditionally, a TV pilot would be shot within a matter of hours, but Kendall chose to shoot it "film style," as it was also his thesis. So, a crew of about forty students worked an average of ten hours a day for fifteen days in order to pull off the forty-five paged, sixty-eight scene script.

Mrs. Bland-Kendall, an AASU alumnae,  is most proud of the fact they were able to bring together a community of students with different facets of talents from other surrounding universities. This type of effort from her expanded the networking potential of everyone on the project, which is something that is absolutely necessary to the industry.

Reece Thomas as Don.
Darwin Harris as James.
Erick Estaban as Albert.

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