Saturday, May 7, 2011

...Fast Five…again (So, I was forced to see it...).

So, I was forced to see it and boy oh boy, it was just as plot-less as I had originally speculated.

The music was a little better, though. Yes, the techo-engine remix remained present, but moments of Reggaeton relaxed my eardrums, while the rhythmic cadence of South American beats challenged my hips to stay seated. I’ve gotta go to Rio!

Several players from the previous Fast and the Furious movies were re-introduced in “Five.” I guess this was their [producers] way of pacifying the fact that the storyline, in no way, connected with the earlier film(s). And, areas within the plot that needed to be explained were excused with a simple phrase: “I had a past before you met me.” What?

Before the credits even ended, a prison bus was already flipping through the air. A train had exploded and Brian (Paul Walker) and  Dom (Vin Diesel) were leaping over a cliff into a large body of water while being shot at.

Action packed? Yes.
Absolute ridiculous, could never happen in the real world stunts? Definitely.

I couldn’t tell if the acting was good or bad. Dramatic moments consisted of a curled lip and furrowed brow from the talent, followed by an extreme close up of the misshapen expression. Oh, and then something would explode.

However, I was entertained. The extreme stunt work provided an undeniable spectacle that was engaging from beginning to end and the car chase was something that I had never seen before (I’d describe it, but I wouldn’t want to spoil the movie).

If you’re going to do action, then this movie did it right and if you’re all about action, then this is the film to see.

Here's a little snippet of the car chase:

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