Sunday, May 1, 2011

...Langston Hughes African American Film Festival (A film is only as good as its writer).

I can't believe that I had no idea there was a Langston Hughes Film Festival. I mean, I've only been reading his poetry since I was eight.

It kicked off yesterday (April 30th) in Seattle Washington and will run trough May 8th, offering the traditional film festival mix of movie screenings, panel discussions, and screenplay readings.

The idea of the whole thing, is to shine a spotlight on Black films and filmmakers.

I find it interesting that a film festival was put together in the name of a writer. It's a noble idea, but a festival celebrating works of literature and/or poetry seems more befitting. When I think of Langston Hughes, I certainly don't think film. Still, anything that brings new life onto the 9ft by 6ft screen is a good enough reason for me.

The festival is co-presented with Sistah Sinema, who's aim (along with supporting the festival) is to showcase the nuances of Black Queer Woman culture, according to a short article about the company.

After watching trailers from several of the films that will be featured this year, I chose the two that were the more interesting or thought provoking to me. Starting with:

Children of God, writen and directed by Kareem Mortimer... I'm sure this film will cause a stir.

Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone (Documentary)... apparently, they brought the funk to the punk.

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