Friday, May 13, 2011

...WANTED ("Kill one, save a thousand").

So, you guys should be used to the occasional old movie blog by now. That's why I figured you wouldn't mind another  :-D.

Two nights ago on FX, one of my favorite action flicks came on: WANTED.

This is some of the best gun slingin' I've seen in a film, well...ever.  Totally unrealistic gun slingin', but good slingin' nonetheless.

Bullets fly in complete circles, assassins ride the tops of trains and glide along with the ease of escalators and targets are hit from miles away. Annie Oakley couldn't pull this off with her best Smith and Wesson.

  • The antagonists are a fraternity of assassins.
  • One assassin, Cross, leaves the bunch and the other frat members get a little pissy about it.
  • So, they decide to put a hit out on the traitor.
  • They soon realize that their skills are no match for him, and that he is killing them off 1 by 1.
  • The only person gifted enough to kill Cross is his own son Wesley who knows nothing of his father or the fraternity.
  • Wesley is soon recruited by the group and trained as a weapon to kill his own dad.
  • In the end, Wesley is triumphant and all is well in the land, but not without the sacrifice of others.

If you watch this movie clip, you'll see what I mean.


WANTED II is currently in development and will not include Agelina Jolie. Information is very limited, but of course I'll keep you updated.

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