Saturday, May 28, 2011

...Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (I'm all gloom without Bloom).

The fourth installment of Walt Disney's mega hit Pirates of the Caribbean, has been a major box office success, grossing 400,095,287 big ones world wide (well, more like; so far).

Johnny Depp's pirate rendition of Keith Richards never gets old and is indeed the reason why his character Captain Jack Sparrow is so beloved. Yet, all of the drunken wobble walking, unsteady finger pointing and jive talking in the world couldn't make up for the void I felt from Will Turner's (Orlando Bloom) absence.

The two of them together provided great tension and comic relief throughout the other three films and I longed for the duo again. Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightley) also played hooky from the film causing Sparrow to turn his lusty desires toward Blackbeard's (Ian McShane) daughter, Angelica Malon (Penelope Cruz).

In the film, Sparrow is on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth - cliche plot indeed, however an anything but cliche journey. Former bad guys have gone good, somehow the Pearl finds itself in a bottle and vampire mermaids prove to be a bigger challenge than fighting off the Spaniards.

Did I enjoy this film? Yes.
Do I think it's better than it's predecessors? No.
 - Largely because the dynamic between Depp and the characters weren't as good as the dynamic he had with Bloom and Knightley. I also, think that the fountain of youth concept was too easy and lacked the interesting plot twists present in the other films.

The technical aspects, however, were flawless (as usual). As fantastical as this movie is, I never feel overwhelmed with fancy, over the top, computer generated hoopla. They have managed to maximize the basics: Make-up, costuming and set design and only enhance the film (graphically) wherever it is necessary.

Movie clip below: Sparrow meets Blackbeard.

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