Wednesday, June 1, 2011

...Waiting to Exhale: The Sequel (Best post-break-up film ever).

The sequal to Terry McMillan's Waiting to Exhale has been confirmed and everyone from the original cast is on board.

Angela Bassett, one of the staring cast members, leaked the news and said that Forest Whitaker will direct again.

The original 1995 film followed the lives of four completely different friends: Savannah (Whitney Houston), Berdie (Angela Bassett), Gloria (Loretta Devine) and Robin (Lela Rochon), as they tried to maintain or let go of their romantic relationships.

They support each other along the way, building stronger characters and even stronger bonds.

You will cry when they cry, yell when they yell and appreciate your own tumultuous crappy relationships, after seeing this film.

It’s for the career woman, the single mother, the middle-class stay at home mom and even the young pretty girl who still believes in prince charming.

It’s another film that is entirely about directing and the writing is phenominal. I sincerely hope that Whitaker does the second exhalation justice.

And, if good ole fashioned drama is what you’re all about, then this is a must see.

For me, it’s just another reason to spend time with my friends and eat butter pecan.

Thanks Whitney for recommending this blog. Girl’s night coming soon…

This is my favorite scene in the movie. It's almost four minutes long, but you'll get the point within two and a half minutes. The point being: Drama, Drama, Drama!

*Production dates have not been released.

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